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Sale and Purchase

One of the key aspects of La Mer Maritime’s business is Sale and Purchase Department.

La Mer works with the client, from inception through project completion to attain the most economical, effective, and bankable solutions. Our work requires expert knowledge of the market and its players, utmost confidentiality, attention to detail, as well as absolute readiness and professional experience. Specializing in tankers, chemical tankers, and bulkers & offshore vessels. The team works round the clock, directed to delivering the most competitive deals available to our customers, hence providing a seamless experience.

Our clientele includes some of the world’s major independent and publicly listed ship-owning companies as well as major shipyards in the Far East.  Our team is well equipped to work in an international market which is extraordinarily volatile and subject to huge swings.

Negotiating the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels and offshore units is the backbone of our company’s services. We are agile, responsive, and autonomous, with the experience and expertise to provide outstanding client service across the globe.

Utilizing global contacts, La Mer proactively delivers up-to-the-minute information and full service in all aspects of Ship Sale and Purchase, including.

  • Tankers
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Valuations
  • Apostillisation services
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Harbour Segment
  • New Building Contracting
  • Demolition and Recycling

La Mer Maritime has a strong presence in the Sale and Purchase sector, we are also working closely with our Project Desk to seek long term employment for newly acquired tonnage.

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